Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

One of my daughter's closest friends got married this weekend and my family was part of the wedding.  Grayson was the ring bearer and I must say he did a fine job and looked so handsome in his little tuxedo.

My daughter was a bridesmaid and Sloaney was part of the audience.  It was rainy and cool and I was so happy she had her pink "fur". 

My son-in-law was also part of the wedding so it was a family affair.  The bride was stunning and her colors were gorgeous.....browns, copper & cream.  It was a fun way to end a holiday weekend.

When my son needs gifts I stop what I'm working on and sew for him.  It just so happened that he needed several gifts this week.  One is a baby gift for little Harper who will be born soon.  I used my Cricut and cut her initial using a font called "Gesselle".  It has a French look to it and I really like it for girls.  I downloaded it from  Lots of free fonts there.

The ornament turned out so soft, girly and sweet.

My son has a co-worker moving soon and they are making her a basket of goodies.  He asked for something to represent Louisiana so I did a fleur de lis on kitchen towels.  The ruffle is a chevron patterned fabric that we used for Grayson's birthday shirt.

His office is also adopting a family for Christmas.  There are 6 children in the family.  He wanted them to have personalized stockings.  I searched several stores looking for stockings that were child-like and reasonably priced.  They were no where to be found so we were about to decide on other gifts for the children.  I walked into Lowe's not even thinking about the stockings and there they were.  Cute and priced just right!

However, I just about gave up after monogramming the first one.  Monogramming stockings is difficult because of the logistics and placement and having to use a water soluble stabilizer on top.  I wouldn't have done them for just anyone but for my son to give to these children I would.

And more of the baby gift for Baby Harper.  I wanted to keep everything pink and green.  I love her name :)

Sweet Baby Harper
Well it's back to work tomorrow.  I hope you have a great week!  Christmas is just around the this time of the year!


  1. Grayson is so handsome in his tux! Love all your pretty designs for Baby Harper! By the way...that is my favorite name right now. If we have anymore kiddos, Harper would definitely be the girls name :)

  2. Ha, Ha... just last week I said, "This is how you know you are truly my friend: I say yes to monogramming your stockings." :)

  3. Janay it's nice to know someone understands how difficult stockings are to do :-) I feel better. Wish you lived closer....I'm doing Pashmina scarves tonight and I need a lesson from you!

  4. Found you from Pinterest...
    I saw where you downloaded a font from that website and cut it with your cricut. Can you tell me how you do that without having a cartridge. I have a cricut, but thought you couldn't do anything like that with it.
    Any help would be appreciated, I've got a project in mind. Thanks

  5. Laura I have software called sure cuts alot. It allows me to any font have on my computer with my cricut. There has been a lawsuit by Provo craft who makes cricut againt software companies. The newer circuits can not use scal as I understand. My cricut is older and I have had scal for awhile. It makes my cricut so user friendly and I don't have to buy expensive cartridges. Email me if I can answer any other questions.

  6. Thanks so much for your response. I guess it wouldn't work with mine, as it's about a yr old. My biggest complaint with the cricut is how we are limited by what is on their cartridges.
    Thanks again and happy crafting!

  7. Karen,

    Please help! I went on and looked for the Gesselle font but couldn't find it anywhere! Am I spelling it right? Or did dafont just lead you to a website that had it. It showed me that has one similar but I didn't want to buy the wrong one. Love your stuff. Following you on pinterest. Thanks!!!!