Monday, November 21, 2011

2 Days Until Thanksgiving

A young mom-to-be who works with my son asked if I can make her baby a Grinch outfit.  The baby is due in 23 days.  I said I would try.  I searched for the best Grinch face I could find and cute fabric to stitch him in.  This was one of those projects that scared me......never have done a Grinch and matching skirt.....especially for a newborn.  I googled the measurements for a newborn skirt.  6" in length and 12" waist.  That's not alot of skirt or fabric.

I wanted to make a 3 tier skirt but that's almost impossible with only 6" of fabric to play with.  So this is what I came up with.  Mom is happy and that's all that matters.  The skirt took me forever because I tried different things before landing on this.  The next would not take nearly as long.

I think he's a rather cute but mischievous looking Grinch :-)

Only 4 more shirts to complete!!!! I am so happy to almost be through with orders.  I can't wait to sew for my babies, friends and family!

Love, love, love this design

My newest toy..... a Big Shot.  It embosses and makes die cuts.  It's a great little machine to have,,,,,,,,,,will share what it does as I learn to use it.
Only 2 days left until Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for many things and I try not to take anything for granted.  What are you most thankful for? Do you have your menu set for Thanksgiving Day? Are you trying any new recipes?  How many guests are you planning for? 

My 5 Favorite Grayson Phrases

5) I love it!  It's de-wish-ous!
4) Did you miss me?
3) She's so cute! (talking about his sister)
2) Do you hear the train?  Let's go see the train!  I not scared! (we can hear and see trains from our house)
1) I love you Bell-wa!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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