Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Chalk Board How To

These are the chalkboards that everyone is interested in and would like the instructions.  They are very simple if you have a Cricut or any kind of electronic cutting machine.  This is the one I make for Halloween.
And this is the one that made it on Pinterest.  Here is the supple list and  the "how to's"

Frame ( I bought mine at WalMart)- select one that has flat, wide sides
Craft Paint & sponge brush- if you want to have a small border of paint around the frame
Chalkboard Paint
Matching ribbon

1) Begin by painting a small border around the frame with paint and a sponge brush.  I have marked it off with masking tape and I have done it without marking it off.  Let the paint dry.
2) Cut circles on the Cricut using vinyl.  I believe I cut 1" circles.  Peel off the backing and place them around the sides of the frame.
3) Remove glass from picture frame and spray with chalkboard paint.  I bought my paint at WalMart.  Spray outside on grass or newspaper.  I did several thin layers.  Let dry (dries very quickly)
4) Put glass back in frame
5) Add a bow and voila it's finished. ( I would probably use a dab of hot glue to attach the bow)

Add a box of colored chalk and wrap in cellophane for a fun gift!  I think a white frame with red and green polka dots would be sooooo cute for Christmas.  If you still have questions let me know.

I want to thank everyone again for their interest in this project.  Please send pictures of your finished boards and we'll post some of them. 
10,205 page views today....my blog stats counter must have gotten stuck :)


  1. Go for it girl!! Easy project.

  2. I'm so trying this for a Christmas present for my mother in laws kitchen. I got this off Pinterest and it took me to your page. The only question i have is, Does the cookie sheet go inside the picture frame?

  3. It's just a picture frame. I painted the glass with chalkboard paint. No cookie sheet. Give it a try.

  4. I hope I'm not getting this mixed up, but does it also become magnetic as well? I thought I had seen that it had in one of the comments on pinterest...

  5. Silly question, why do you put hte glass back in? I want to try this for my neice.

  6. Ok, i am highly confused!!n the pic on Pinterest, it says its on a cookie sheet and it becomes magnetic, but when u descrobe how to make it, u are using a frame w glass, please help me, lol

  7. What size frame did you buy?

  8. I had a question, What did you use for the polka dots on the frame? Thanks

  9. What size is the letter you used?

  10. When I write on the glass it scratches the paint off Have u ever had that problem?

  11. No I haven't had that problem. Sounds like you need more layers of chalkboard paint. Just remove the glass and spray again. Lots of thin layers of paint. Good luck.

  12. can't you just paint the cookie sheet though, since it's metal and you can use chalkboard paint on metal instead of the actual glass?

  13. I too saw this on pinterest and it said it was a cookie sheet. Could not find one without sides. So, I went to Lowes and bought a 12x18 piece of sheet metal and chalkboard paint. I am going to cut it to 11x14 and buy a frame. I really like the idea of it being magnetic. Keep and eye on pinterst as I will post a pic when I finish.

  14. does it work with other materials than vinyl? I don't have a cricut or anything like that...could I possibly sponge paint on there and it'll keep? If so, should I do a clear coat of poly overtop?

  15. I LOVE this! I can't wait to try to make this! I also love your blog! You have a talent and I really like looking at all your stuff! I love to do crafts like this, hope to learn more soon!

  16. Is the "BOO" and "K" on the above also vinyl cut with a cricut or is it painted on? Thanks! Can't wait to try this for my kiddos.

  17. This is incredible idea!!! I made these as Christmas gifts for my aides and fellow teachers! They LOVED them!!! I actually made mine from a sheet of shower tile (I am not sure what it is actually called!) I made mine into whiteboards-- and decorated the outside with fancy-- scrapbooking materials-- and then attached a fancy whiteboard marker and a baby sock to match the decorated outside (to be used as an eraser!) I went to Lowes and asked them to cut me the board into the sizes that I needed to fit my frames-- and this was free!!!

    1. I like your idea of turning a tile into a whiteboard. No chalk dust to deal with. I'm just not following your comments about a board. What exactly are you attaching the tile to? Are you using a frame too?

    2. It's called shower board and looks and works hair like whiteboard, but cheap

  18. I would love to do this for our school auction with a group of preschoolers. Do you have any ideas of how to incorporate 18 little fingers or hands?

  19. I thought it was described as a cookie sheet that could also hold magnets..but in the instructions I see it is made out of a picture frame including the glass??

  20. I think some think the vinyl polka dots are magnets. . It is a picture frame and that's all it's ever been. The how tos are on my blog. Thanks for asking.

  21. This is genius. Thanks for the great idea!

  22. Can I ask where you are getting the polka-dot vinyl?? I love all of your work!! You are sooooo talented :)

  23. Gina I order all of my vinyl from www expressionsvinyl.com. They have a great selection of colors and patterns. Good luck!

  24. I just wanted to say that I love this idea! I too read on Pinterest that it was made with a cookie sheet. I am in the process of making two for my grand daughters. I think the way you made yours is so much easier, as I am having a hard time finding a frame that fits the cookie sheet. Also, if you are making this for children, be extremely careful as the Glass may break.
    I am also putting magnets on the back of the chalk box and an eraser, so that it can stick to the back of the pan when not in use. I also got little flowers and buttons that I am gluing magnets on as well. Cute for hanging a pic on the chalkboard or whatever. :)

  25. This has been done with a cookie sheet and decorate the edges then you have a blackboard and a magnetic board or can be used for sticky notes too. I love it.

  26. is there anyway you can please send me the instructions on how to do this :)

  27. I love these, thanks for sharing!! :)

    By the way, just thought you should know that your image is being ripped off:

  28. The instructions does not mention using a cookie sheet do you spray the glass with chalkbord paint and how well does it stick to glass? I am planning on using this for a babyshower to announce the baby's name and date of expected arrival. Thanks for doing such a great job.

  29. The instructions are above. It is chalkboard paint on the glass frame. Be sure to use lots of thin coats of paint. Also, prime it by rubbing the painted glass with the side of a piece of chalk before trying to write on it. Good luck with your project.

  30. Thanks for all your help can't wait to try this project.

  31. I made a magnet board from a cookie sheet. I just hot glued some lace along the edge of the back of a cookie sheet. Looks cute!

  32. If you don't have a cutting machine you probably can use a 1 inch circle punch and glue them on. I know vinyl is probably easier but if you don't have a machine the $10 Fiskar punch will work too.

    1. Why not use adhesive backed shelf/drawer liner and a punch?

  33. I bought a 11x17 magnetic dry erase board from walmart. Lightly sanded the top of the dry erase off and then painted it with chalkboard paint. It took 4 coats. I didn't want dry erase, I wanted chalkboard and magnetics. At least white chalk will come off my walls.

  34. Hi! I know that this is an older craft but I've seen it going around Pinterest like crazy the past few days. We would LOVE for you to come link it up in our Crafty Showcase! We love old and new post and even ETSY/Craft Business links!

    Thanks for posting this. I've added it to my daughter's DIY links. She wants to make it.

    Susie @Bowdabra

  35. If you're using blackboard paint, why do you want to put the glass back into the frame. I am helping my grandchildren make gifts for their mother's birthday and I would like to have them make a chalk board for her kitchen shopping lists, their chores, etc. but don't want to put glass it in. We did glass dry erase boards for the kids last Christmas.

  36. Ok I am doing this project right now so lets see how it goes.... I will send a picture if I can figure out how to attach it...

  37. I can't wait to try this. I have two babyshowers to attend this month and this will be one of the gifts for each of them.

  38. I am wanting to make something like this for my daughter-in-law's birthday. On pinterest though it said baking pans which are magentic, etc. Do you have a set of instructions on using a cookie sheet? How to attach to a wall? How to decorate sides? Also, I bought Rustoleum brush on blackboard paint. Will that work equally as well as spray on?

  39. This is the description to this project going around on Pinterest...

    "Loving this as a gift idea!!! Baking pans spray painted with chalkboard paint & they are magnetic... Sooo stinkin cute and inexpensive gift."

    The craft in the above picture is not made from a baking pan, it is made from a non-magnetic Picture Frame that uses the existing glass to paint over with chalkboard paint.

    Perhaps the original Pinner was referring to a different craft, his/her comment has certainly caused a lot of confusion!

  40. I think it would work just as well with a cookie sheet then hot glue decorations on the sides or ribbon. One poster asked why you put the glass back in. In her instructions she indicates that you paint the glass part of the frame then put back into the frame and that is used as your chalkboard. As a school teacher, this would not work in classrooms. Perhaps the magnetic cookie sheet might.

  41. I made this for my sister as a house warming gift for her new home! It turned out awesome! I don't have a cricut so instead of vinyl letters I found a bunch of neat and funky buttons and used them instead! It was a little pricy but it turned out great! Thanks for the idea!

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Sorry thought I commented on wrong page so deleted earlier comment...wanted to say fabulous idea! I am making this as a DIY Christmas gift and am going to feature it on my Pinterest blog ( do a pin, talk about it, and give credit to originator) I will post photo linking back here. Not sure mine will turn out as cute but I'll try!

  44. I really feel like Karen is avoiding the REPETETIVE question of where the cookie sheets comes in to play. When clicking on the pinterest link it brings us to her page. Is she the original pinner of this idea? Very misleading and not that cool of an idea as a frame. there isn't much craftiness in using a cricut. The cricut is doing the work.

    1. Quite rude indeed. The "mystery" of the cookie sheet is very simple. If you knew anything about Pinterest you would know that whenever a new person "pins", they add their own title or caption. Then another person re~pins and so on and so on. She is not avoiding your question, if you scroll through all of the comments you will see her answer. If you do not like the frame or the cricut, or don'y think there is much "craftiness to her project, well then don't do it. Simple. Problem solved.

  45. http://pinterest.com/pin/247486941993477423/

    Here is the one with the baking pan.

    1. Whoever wrote about getting a piece of sheet metal cut at Home Depot or Lowes had the best idea. You could even cut the sheet metal to fit in the frame so it would be magnetic and also I guess you could paint the sheet metal with chalk board paint and use it both ways.

  46. If you look close, both the frames look alike. They both look like they have an edge around them and I would like to know where they were bought. I went to Walmart today and did not see this type of frame. The green and black one certainly does not look like a cookie sheet either!

  47. I have a question about vinyl. I went to the website that you use. I have never used it before. Can you tell me exactly what to get. I didn't know if i should get outdoor since the adhesive was stronger. Any guidance would be appreciated.


  48. Karen isnt avoiding the question if you read all the other comments she answers that question. Im sure she is a busy lady. You are very rude and disrespectful!

  49. why would you put the glass back on can you write on the glass and if you can how does that work.

  50. This said it was made with a cookie sheet. I am lost , o well I will figure out the cookie sheet chalk board on my own.

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  52. I have looked for totally flat cookie sheets before and cant find them. R these totally flat all the way around?

  53. I have looked for totally flat cookie sheets before and cant find them. R these totally flat all the way around?

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  55. Omg i love this idea... i will be making my bff one of these for her bday. Thanks for this idea.

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