Friday, February 19, 2010

Pottery Barn "Copy Cat"

Have you seen the latest Pottery Barn catalog called " home"? Everything is so beautiful with birds and bird nests as the inspiration for the catalog. Well I fell in love with the mantel "scape" that featured silver, wrought iron and glass candle holders and birds and bird nests. It also had a few sprigs of white dogwood. I just had to have that look but at $68.00 for 2 birds and $59.00 for one nest I had to be creative with my shopping. Well a friend just happened to give me a bird for my birthday (unbelievable) and I found beautiful stems of large dogwood at Target for $10 a piece and 2 nest for $1.97 at Hobby Lobby. So that was the beginning of my copy cat mantel. I pulled out all types of candlesticks I already had.....wooden and glass. I also had a "cloche" which is a glass dome. It was perfect to cover my bird, nest and eggs. And there it spring mantel. What do you think? Almost as pretty as Pottery Barn and only cost a few dollars.




  1. Looks great! Wish I had more Easter decorations!

  2. Thanks girls! I added a large, standing wrought iron cross and I like it better.