Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Wonderful Valentine gift

I didn't get the usual bouquet of beautiful roses or the big heart shaped box of delicious chocolate candies or an expensive bottle of perfume or even a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant but what I did get was a weekend with GRAYSON! This is the best Valentine's weekend ever. Grayson arrived on Friday in the cold and snow. His mommy and daddy had to go to San Antonio, Texas for business. We have played and laughed and catered to his every want or wish. He is a funny little fellow. He loves to be a comedian and as PawPaw says he just needs a stage. The telephone and remote controls are his favorite toys. Of course he gets what he wants even if it means the phone is off the hook for hours and no one can call us. All he has to do is reach in that direction and we get whatever he is reaching for. I hope my daughter isn't going to read this for we may never get him back for a weekend. We went to Sunday School and church today and he loved being there. Someone walked in his room with a cupcake and he started reaching for it and whinning. Of course they gave him the whole cupcake and took pictures on their phone to show me in church. God has truly given us a little blessing by the name of Grayson and he's the best Valentine gift ever. Another little secret, we made his Mommy a Valentine booklet from pictures we took outside in the sunshine yesterday. She's gonna be happy and surprised!

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