Thursday, February 25, 2010

Personalized Easter Pails

These pink pails may be my least right now. I wanted the entire name to be seen from the front and not wrapped around the pail so I cut it 2" in height. I added 1" and 3/4" circles. I think these would be pretty to use at a baby shower or birthday party. These pails are for two sweet little sisters. I've gotta get better at hiding things in my background......I'm definately a novice at photo shoots! Somebody give me some advice...haha! Have a super Friday!


  1. Love em'! They are perfection. I want to see that spells Grayson!;)

  2. REALLY CUTE!!!!!!! What are the dots and names made out of?

  3. Thanks Deanne! They are made with vinyl and cut with a Cricut. The vinyl will cling to just about any surface. For the most part, names are not that difficult to get straight anything longer I would suggest using transfer tape. Let me know if I can help.