Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grads and Fruit Kabobs

This week has been one of my busiest ones ever but I've managed to sew in between the busyness.  I'm working on Mother's Day gifts, grad gifts and baby gifts.  My husband and I get a lot of graduation announcements and this year there were only 3 girls and the rest were boys.  Boys are not fun....they like  $$$$
But girls on the other hand are fun to shop for.  This year I wanted to do some different things in addition to the towels I'm stitching for them.  Most young girls like to work out and/or be comfortable while hanging out with BFF's. So for working out or lounging I monogrammed sports bras and sports shorts.
What every young college bound girl needs.....
Monogrammed shorts 
In the midst of a busy week at school we had to celebrate the up coming arrival of new baby boy.  We actually are having a baby boom at our school. 
My assignment was to bring the fruit.  Help! I told my super-creative daughter.  She said, "Mom, make fruit kabobs".  Ok, dear tell me how.  They were so easy and fun to make.  They were a hit!  Next time I think I'll add kiwi for more color. Speaking of my daughter, hop on over to her blog and you can see lots of pictures of my babies
I have lots to share with you but I'm taking life one day at a time.  You teachers know how busy the final weeks of school are.  Hang in there teachers we're almost there!


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  1. Aww, your sweet! Can't wait for my monogrammed headband!