Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

We are getting ready for everyone to come in to spend the weekend with us.  So I had to get my kitchen table set.  I saw these napkins folded like bunnies on Pinterest.  When I followed the link it was Martha Stewart's website.  The directions were too difficult to follow so I went to UTube.  I searched for "bunny folded napkins".  The first video that came up was excellent so I started folding my bunnies.  I like mine turned this way best but I think actually they are suppose to be turned the other way.  Whatever you like best goes....right?

I recently bought this package of napkins at Target.  I really had a Mexican Fiesta in mind with these colors plus two red ones.  However, the colors work for Easter, too.  So get busy folding your napkins for Easter :)

Yellow Bunny

Hot Pink Bunny

On Wednesday I shared Grayson's apron with you.  At that time I could not decide what I wanted to stitch for Sloan.  Then I remembered these 3-tiered cakes and that was it.  A cake for Sloaney! Her mommy wanted pink and yellow fabric.

No and yellow cake it is!

On a more serious note today is Good Friday which is such an important day to Christians.  I hope everyone will reflect on what happened on this day many years ago.  I read Matthew 26-28 this morning to refresh my memory. Celebrating Good Friday means we understand the fact that Jesus Christ chose to die for us.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. 


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