Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Malaya

A friend has a new grand baby with a beautiful name. 
She wanted some personalized things for her.  We
started with a pink pail.
The font I used on the pail is called
"Janda QuirkyGirl" and it is a free font

I used my favorite designs and favorite fabrics and made them 
as sweet & girly as I could. 
 Every baby girl is a Princess and needs a crown burp cloth.
Candy Dot circle with her 1st and middle name.  Her grandmother said every baby girl
born this week had a "masculine" middle name.  Must be a new trend.
I kind of like it especially when it is her great grand-father's name. 
 I don't think you need a name on this one.
Welcome Baby Malaya!



  1. Hi Karen!
    Just curious...what type of sewing machine do you use for all of your embroidery?

  2. Janome 1100. It is a great machine. It is a sewing & embroidery machine. Thanks for asking.

  3. Thanks!I am inspired and would love to make some of the beautiful things you make!!!!