Saturday, February 11, 2012

Red Valentine Treats & Blue Dog

A little friend of mine is having a Mickey Mouse birthday party today.  I found a free Mickey svg file and cut it with my Cricut.  I used it to decorate this pail for her to store her "stuff".

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Peyton!

Valentine shirt for another little friend of mine.  I made one of these earlier this week and forgot to take a picture of it before delivering it.

I think the hearts make the design....cute!

I made more soap.  This time I used a silicone mold that has hearts, flowers, roses and butterflies on it.  I am able to make 4 hearts at one time.

The soap dries in about 30 minutes and then you are able to pop it out of the mold and make more.  I melt about 5 ounces of glycerin to make the 4 hearts.  It's easy and fun to make.

{A birthday gift from my daughter and son-in-law} 

 It's not a George Rodrigue but I bet you were fooled :)  When I taught French, I would teach my high school classes about our Louisiana native artist, George Rodrigue and his Blue Dog paintings.  We would learn about the inspiration for Blue Dog and the Cajun influence on Rodrigue's paintings.  After learning all about it each student would draw and color his own Blue Dog.  Several times I took my French Club to the Blue Dog Cafe in Lafayette and we would go to museum exhibits to see Blue Dog paintings.  I guess you could say I love Blue Dog. 

After many requests, my son-in-law painted me my very own Blue Dog.  Yes, he is talented and can paint just about anything.  This is suppose to be my Chihuahua, Yogi with Blue Dog....funny.
I love love it! 
If you would like to see more of Blue Dog, check this site out and take the virtual tour of his New Orleans Art Gallery.


  1. I just found your wonderful blog through a friend's Pinterest post. I read through many back comments and you mentioned using a Janome 1100. What machine do you use for the monograms? I am in awe at your creations. Thanks in advance.

  2. Thanks Barbara! Yes I have a Janome 1100. It is a sewing and embroidery machine. I think it does some quilting also. However, I know very little about quilting. It is an awesome machine. I started with a 350E and I liked it too. It embroidered only.

    1. Thanks for replying so quickly. I will look into buying one. I have 3 young granddaughter and would love to make similar things for them.