Monday, February 6, 2012

Girly Pails

Most of you have probably seen the pretty pail on Pinterest that is so simple, pink and girly.  It inspired me to get out some of my pails and add a vinyl monogram.  I wanted a script that was very feminine and I did not have one in my svg library of designs.  I thought why couldn't I use my embroidery fonts?  So I tried it and it worked.  I set up my monogram in my embroidery software called Embird.  I saved it as a jpg file (which is the type file pictures require).  After I saved it on my computer I opened my Cricut software called SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot).  I used the command "trace image".  I browsed and located the monogram that I had saved.  When I hit the trace image the mongram showed up on my Cricut software screen.  Then I hit the "cut" command.  And voila there it girly monogram.  So that means I can cut any fonts that I have in my embroidery library.  It was easy peasy!  If you have those 2 software programs you can do it, too!

This week is off to a great start....haircut & trip to the gym!
Have a wonderful Tuesday,


  1. love the ribbon with the poms on it!

  2. Do you know of a good Cricut cartridge to do monograms? I am new to Cricut and seem to miss out on the SCAL. Or is there something out there similar?