Friday, September 24, 2010

Ethan and Ashleigh

I had a custom order for a little boy's 1st Birthday Day. His mother sent me a picture of the number 1 and a monkey face tilted against the number. With my new software Embird combining and manipulating designs is fun and easy. I can combine designs, delete parts of a design, add elements....almost anything I can imagine I do can with the software. So I already had the Chubby Wubby Numbers and I added the monkey which I already had and then wrote his name. Well his big sister had to have a matching shirt so I did Big Sis in applique letters, added the same monkey and her name. These shirts were fun to do because it was something new and different for me. However, the designs took forever to stitch. It was like doing two designs on one shirt. Whew.....they were absolutely labors of LOVE! I do hope little Ethan has a wonderful 1st Birthday!

Chubby Wubby Numbers Applique are from GG Designs Embroidery. Big sis lettering is from Embroidery-Boutique. The monkey is an Embroitique design and the names are Sweet Tart font from 8 Claws and a Paw.


  1. Great job!!! Love GG's numbers! I just stitched a "1" shirt this week, too!
    And don't you love Embird?? Thankfully my MIL told me to buy the software at the same time she gave me my embroidery machine, so I've never done embroidery without it. I can't imagine how people do it without such awesome software!!

  2. Janay I wish we lived close you could teach me more about Embird. You are the master stitcher! I'm check your blog every day to see your creative cute things. Thanks for checking on me

  3. Very cute! I love the brown and aqua with the monkeys!

  4. Very Cute, I like the Combination of Applique and embroidery, It is more out of the box thinking. Will be Watching this site. Regards: Embird Training with Phil