Saturday, May 15, 2010


My son came home last night so he could play in a golf tournament today. It is always good when we get to see and visit with him. He is one of my biggest embroidery fans. He "advertises" for me with his friends and helps me deliver orders. Last week he said a friend wanted 4 burp cloths and to try to have them finished this weekend so he could pick them up. Well it is a good thing I stayed up until midnight finishing them because he is not coming home after the tournament. I thought I had all day to complete them. Luckily I was putting the finishing touches on them early this morning. Gabby is short for Gabriella....a really nice name I think. Golfers are gone so I'm cleaning my house today and stitching "bachelorette" beach towels. Have a great weekend!

Fancy Church Burp

Giant Curls Applique

My most requested girly burp

My new favorite...60's flower power burp