Sunday, March 28, 2010


These pompoms are so easy and fun make. You are going to want to make them for birthday parties, showers and for just about anything else when you need a colorful, happy accent for a table. They also look good hanging. You can make any color or any combination of colors. The only items you need are tissue paper and a little wire. I can't wait to make more. If you want the instructions just send me an email. Fun!!!


  1. OHHHHH.....I want to know how to make these! Can't you just picture pale pink and white ones at Annie's Princess Party in May?

  2. Oh yes I can! So her birthday shirt should be pinks and white? They are so easy and we made different sizes. Will send you an email.

  3. You could throw some light blue in there too(think Cinderella's dress!) But whatever you decide, I trust you! You're stuff is so darn cute!