Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Projects

My friend has a new granddaughter and I think she needs a special onesie for July 4th.  This is an old design from a couple years ago but I think it is still a great design.  I added the wording which you could add any wording you like.  I also think the swirls would be cute too in silver or gold metallic.

The stars have the extra top stitching which just makes it even cuter.

A friend at school gave me an "end-of-school" treat very much like these.  We decided we needed to figure them out.  This is my version.  Just a tiny little gift but don't we all love anything hand-made.  The original one had a pen with the same paper inside the clear  barrel of the pen.  I'm looking for the pens like that which we can put a piece of matching  scrap booking paper inside.

I stamped an Eiffel Tower on the front paper but I am also looking for a horizontal stamp that could be stamped close to the bottom.  I just need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby!

I tackled a pair of bloomers this afternoon.  These are much harder than they look.  I love these but whew.....they are a bugger at least for me.  I like perfect and the leg casings are not perfect.  The pattern said they do not have to be perfect but hopefully my next pair will be better.

I think these would be adorable with 2-3 rows of ruffles on back and maybe one of those ruffles could be tulle or chiffon.

So here's the whole outfit


The bloomer pattern was free and I will happily share the site where you can find it.  I will also share the how tos for the post-it holders.  Just let me know what you want.
Have a great week!

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