Friday, June 3, 2011

Girly Stuff

 It'a all about girls today.   Lizzie needed some baby gifts for dance teachers who are having babies.  So we decided on the ballerina tutu.  I made it as large as I could on the little onesie which left me no room under the tutu or over it for the name. Sooooo the name is beside it which I think worked out good

The ruffle at the neckline is a pre-ruffled ribbon I bought at Hobby Lobby.  This one is a medium pink and matched the polka dot fabric.

Genny's onesie is a brighter pink and I happened to have the same ribbon in the bright pink to match.

By the way Dance Recital is this weekend!  Good luck to all the big and little dancers or rather "Break a leg"  Seems like yesterday I was back stage helping with changes and make-up.  I hope a get to do that all again with Sloaney one day :)

This is the birthday shirt for my great-niece Alex.  Her party will be a Barbie theme and she will be the Barbie Princess.  This design is so pretty.  I've had it for awhile and finally was able to try it.

I added crystals to the crown and gave her a "diamond" necklace.  Alexandra will be a perfect little 5 year old birthday princess!

A halter top for Sloan!  I used 5 different fabrics for the little top.  This was not a beginner project but I was able to figure it all out.  The bodice with the monogramming and the straps took alot of thinking and re-reading the instructions.

This is the back....only one fabric panel.  Notice the little elastic back :) Can't wait to see tiny Sloaney in this.

 I ddidn't want you to miss the asymmetrical favorite part.  I was even able to serge all the seams. (Remember I'm a beginner at sewing.....I'm learning as I go)
I'm going to make her a pair of bloomers in the solid pink to match so it will be an outfit.
Thanks for looking.
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


  1. love the halter top, karen! looks like summer has kept you busy busy!!give me a jingle if you're ever free for lunch :)

  2. Hey been thinking about you. Absolutely on the lunch....will finish work next week so I'll be in touch.