Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Man Shirt & Apron

New design I tried for Jackson....a snowman face. The design is from Embrotique. I thought it would be a quick design because it's just eyes and a turned out to be a 35 minute design which is not exactly quick. It is a great design that is digitized so well. The stitch width is rather large. I like the quality very much.

This almost matches the snowman ornament perfectly from the last post.

I had a request for a "girly", "frilly" gift for a 2 year old baby girl's birthday. This is what we decided on.....a sweet apron. I used the crown design in the 6x10 so it is very large and I found ribbon to match the crown fabric. Two bows for the "girly" girl. Happy Birthday Kaitlynn!

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