Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Late last night I took a break from monogramming and went to work on my Cricut. I got so inspired that I made at least 6 ornaments. They are fun to make because you can finish one in a short time. These are white ornaments but I also have a bright pink, black and purple.
I used SCAL to make my letters. This font is Calligrapher and it is nice and full which makes it easier to transfer without tearing or causing problems. Of course I added lots of polka dots on the back and sides of the ornaments.

This is such a cute design. It was free from an embroidery site that I follow. Will gladly share it for all you folks who have a Cricut. I put the year on the back......I know alot of little folks that will receive this one for Christmas. I'm searching for more cute Christmas designs...will share when I find them.

I actually have the embroidery design that matches this. Wouldn't that make a wonderful gift for a little boy? A shirt and matching ornament! Gotta get much to create :))
Have a great day of cooking and preparing for your guests. My family will be in tonight.


  1. Please share the how to for this lil snowman ornament! thank you! he is soooo cute!

  2. These are soooo cute!! I really love the monogram with the polka dots!