Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jillian Claire

Jillian Claire was born March 18. I received her birth announcement this week so I had to get busy sewing for her. Her parents are good friends of my kids. I love her name...Jillian Claire!
This burp is petit just like Jillian. Her mom loves the color purple but just had to make her some pink things.

Even though Jillian is a Texan for the time being her parents are BIG LSU fans. I made the hooded towel again but this time I made the hood smaller and added ribbon.

She also needs an LSU pail. Congratulations Julie and Jered! Jillian is beautiful.


  1. Thanks Rachel! I heard the wedding was beautiful. How are things in BR?

  2. Thanks Jordan! I will have to make Brady and Noah one as soon as you all make it back to Louisiana.