Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why PolkaDot Giraffe?

I rarely embroider things for myself but I did these towels for my newly remodeled guest bathroom. It is so pretty now.

You may wonder why I chose the name The PolkaDot Giraffe for my blog. I have wanted to start a business for my handmade and machine embroidered items but my husband does not want me to get so busy that I can't travel or go when he is ready so I haven't really taken on any business. I named my "would-be" business the The PolkaDot Giraffe and thus the name for my blog. I think I will try to do a few things for anyone that wants to "hire" me. I have been perfecting my "skill" for about a year now and even though I'm not a pro at it, I think I can please most people. I have found everyone loves monogrammed gifts. I have made many baby items and wedding gifts. My children call on me all the time for shower gifts so I might as well kinda start my business. I actually made my first $$$ this week doing a graduation gift. Who knows maybe I'll get so busy.....no I can't do that for my husband wouldn't forgive me. HaHa!


  1. Super cute towels! Now we need to see the rest of the newly remodeled bathroom! ;)

  2. Don't tell me you hire out...I need help decorating my house! I lack in the artistic/creative department...as you already know! Love the towels and love the bathroom!

  3. My new advice....tan walls and black adnd white accessories :-)) It's really simple! Thanks