Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tutus for Two Sisters

I've been sewing alot lately for these two sisters.  Big Sis is having a birthday party soon and she and her sister will be wearing the same outfit but in different colors. 

This is little sister's tutu and her onesie will have the Miss Kitty design in aqua polka dots with pink accents.

Big sis will wear a Miss Kitty shirt in pink polka dots with purple accents.

So her tutu is made in shades of purple, lavender and pink.
This is the largest tutu that I have made.  It is almost 10.5 " long.  It's so big and full.......I love it!
Happy Birthday Sweet Jackson!

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  1. You have beautiful creations. Do you have a tutu tutorial? If I overlooked it, I apologize. I also saw your LSU cupcakes, will send to my daughter. She and son-in-law are die hard LSU fans. LSU/Alabama game was such a bummer. Thanks.