Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome Fall

Love this design. I'm trying to test some Christmas designs to see what is really cute. I think this one is a go. It's just sooo girly and pink and big. I like it a lot.

I added a boa trim around the neckline. Pink polka dot pants with ruffles to match????

 Burlap is so popular right now especially for fall. The texture is perfect for fall and looks good with browns and gold. The next one I make I will be paint the initial.  That's what I see on Pinterest.

Worked on my pumpkins a bit.....thought they needed a little whimsy.

 And baked! These are the best cookies!
 Years ago I would never used a cookie mix (Betty Crocker) but now.....bring it on. The easier the better. I added my Cream Cheese frosting and a bit of orange food color.

 Welcome fall, friends & family!

Have a great week!
Have a question or need the frosting moi :-)


  1. Your pumpkins turned out great! Were they difficult to do? My new obsession is Pinterest! I can look at it all day. Have a few crafty things I want to try...the initial pumpkins are one of them!

  2. No not at all difficult. I used my cricut and vinyl. I love pinterest, too. It's very inspiring! Good luck with your projects!