Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seersucker Tie & Knot Dress

Little sister "knot" dress.  I've never really made clothing but I really want to learn to sew more cute things for babies and children.  My daughter was the inspiration behind this idea.  I made the little sister dress in pink and white seersucker and white seersucker for the bodice.

I learned that I do not need to do the largest monogram on a 0-3 months dress.....smaller might be better. I didn't do top stitching on the bodice because it would overlap the monogram.

I am very happy with my first dress.  I plan to do many more.  Next is red seersucker with maybe a crab on the bodice!

Big brother's matching tie.  I used the same pink seersucker for brother's tie.  What's so great about this pattern is that it has a band with Velcro instead of actually having to tie the tie around a little fellow's neck.

Matching little sis and big brother
I can't believe I made a dress and a tie!

Only 2 more half days of school!
Happy Thursday!

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