Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Emiry

I had a large order for Baby Emiry .......3 onesies & 3 burp cloths and a few other things so I decided to do the onesies and burps as matching sets.
Using my favorite shade of pink I used the Bella font and did her initials on the onesie and in a circle on the burp cloth.
Then finished this sweet pink look with a small satin ruffle on the neck of the onesie and the bottom of the burp.
Just had to have one purple and gold set for Baby Emiry's Dad.

Since her nursery colors are black & pink I used those colors for the last set.
Scroll frame from Embroitique & Fancy KK font.  I added a little black jumbo rickrack on this onesie and ruffled ribbon on the burp.