Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grayson's 2nd Birthday and Christmas Sneek Peek

Grayson had a celebration Saturday for his 2nd Birthday! His mommy did a wonderful job as always with her savvy party planning. She is so talented and creative. Check out her blog this week so you can see all the details of his Blue and Green TRAIN Party!
Elf shoes!! Just had to stop sewing pumpkins, footballs and baby things for a minute and try a new design. I used non-traditional Christmas colors.....rosey pink and green although this would look so cute, too in reds and greens. I have a little girl in mind for this one so if she likes it I will add her name in green or maybe pink and green.
Ok I did it now back to fall sewing......LSU, Saints, pumpkins, etc.
Have a relaxing rest of the weekend :)) Got a guest coming this week to my blog so don't miss her!

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