Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Late(for us 8:30) last night I was in my craft room and my husband was watching a ball game. I think hear the door bell ring and my dog starts barking. I run into the front of the house to ask my husband to answer the door for I'm not about to answer it that late. At the front door in the dark are standing two young ladies telling us that "we'd been flocked". Ok what is that? Well in our yard were a flock of pink flamingos and a "You've Been Flocked" sign. We were told we needed to make a donation to the Relay for Life so that we could get the flamingos removed from our yard. Of course I wanted to make a donation to Relay for Life but I really did not want to have the flamingos leave us too quickly. I loved them and wanted them to stay around for a day or two. However, they had to move on by noon today so that more money could be raised for the American Cancer Society. What a great fund raiser! But I do miss my flamingos. They were so cute!

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