Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Little Vintage

I love the aqua and red vintage Christmas look! Without knowing how much I like these colors for Christmas, my husband went to the store yesterday and came home with these blankets. Wow! I said I love them! So this is what all my precious "little" people are getting this year. I found the snow flake applique on one of my favorite embroidery sites.... "lynnie pinnie". Thank you Lynnie! I think the color combinations are really unisex so some girls may get red and boys may get blue. Of course I had to add ribbon and a name tag. What fun! Also, I wanted you to see a new cookbook I bought....The Farm Chicks....cover is red and aqua and oh so vintage! I really like using things that I have had forever or that have passed down to me. It's a great feeling using things my mother gave me or that I was given 30 years ago. 12 days until Christmas! Enjoy your vintage ornaments or dishes and whatever you have and Merry Christmas! By the way, my sweet husband went and bought me 10 more blankets! Gotta get busy stitching.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! You need to go to the cracker barrel in ALex....they have a tree done in those colors that is OH SO CUTE!!! THose are the 2 main colors I am using in the kids bathroom right now! I just redid it and am having a hard time finding towels in aqua. I will post pics for you soon when I get it all together! :) Do you know what color name the aqua thread is you used? I am going to get mom to monogram the kids name on our red towels.

  2. Oh! I can't wait to see your bathroom. I love these colors together. Send us pictures as soon as you can. The blue thread color is Isacord 3962. Happy you're back on the "blogasphere"! HeHe