Thursday, November 12, 2009

43 Days Until Christmas!

I love, love, love Christmas. I already have a decorated tree in my sewing room and have been listening to Christmas music since early October. This time of the year is generally full of excitment, joy, lots of family and celebrating the birth of Jesus. I get to shop, eat and spend time with my wonderful family. This year after Christmas, all of my family is meeting in Destin, Florida. This is our favorite summer destination but will be our first after-Christmas spot. I am in New Orleans right now so I am not sewing. However, I have been perusing the internet and doing some shopping in the downtown New Orleans area. I want to share a few online shops I think are great. Even if you don't order from them, it's fun to get inspired by them. So the countdown to Christmas is on! What are your favorite traditions, gifts, or activities for the holidays? What do you have planned for your family? Please share. You may want to check these out...sorry I don't know how to give the link. -Nov. 12 post on edible gifts (scroll down a bit)

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