Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Have a Contest!

For some summer fun let's have a contest and get to know each other better. To enter the contest please respond to the following questions by Saturday night (July 11) at 8:00 PM. Everyone who participates will have their name put in the "hat". I will get my husband to draw one name and that person will get a pair of monogrammed hand towels in the color of their choice. OK here are the questions:
List your favorites in each category:
1. Movie
2. Book
3. Song
4. Summer vacation destination
5. Dream Car
6. Restaurant
7. Store
8. Type of food/ or Dish
9. Holiday

Feel free to tell why or add to any answer


  1. Ok here are my favorites:
    1. Top Gun (1980's Tom Cruise movie)
    2. Besides the Bible anything by John C. Maxwell( movtivational writer and speaker)
    3. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay (was in TopGun :-)
    4. San Destin, Florida (I just got back from there :-))
    5. Audi SportCoupe
    6. Mazen's in Lake Charles
    7. White House/Black Market
    8. Spinach Lasagna or anything Italien
    9. Easter and Christmas

  2. Okay, this is funny, but we have quite a bit in common!! I swear I'm not just copying your answers! :)

    1. It's a tie between Top Gun (I've seen it probably 50 times!) and Band of Brothers (made for HBO mini-series/movie)
    2. Glory Denied (The story of Jim Thompson, America's longest held POW)
    3. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
    4. Santorini, Greece (haven't been there yet, but that's the "dream" vacation)
    5. Hummer H1
    6. Mazen's (I discovered it in college when it was still Aladdin's and in a shady part of town)
    7. Tie between The Limited and White House/Black Market
    8. Chicken Parm
    9. Christmas

  3. Very Cool Jordan. I like having common favorites with a beautiful twenty-something! HaHa. You're in the drawing :-))

  4. 1. This one is easy...Dirty Dancing. Seen it about a gazillion times!
    2. I don't really have a favorite book that I can think of at the moment, but I love anything fiction and biographies.
    3. Like Jordan, I LOVE Otis Redding. But my all-time favorite is These Arms of Mine (also from Dirty Dancing).
    4. Nowhere else but Seaside, FL! Greece sounds great, too, but I've never been. Maybe one day...
    5. I love the new Infiniti QX56 SUV. It's pretty awesome!!
    6. Hmmm...this is a hard one because one of my favorite things is eating out at good restaurants. But you can't beat Sullivan's Steakhouse. They have great steaks and delicious wedge salads. But there are sooo many good ones out there.
    7. I love Japanese cuisine (mainly sushi). I could eat it all day long. I also love Italian.
    8. That would have to be Christmas. I love the spirit and being with family.

  5. 1. The Godfather

    2. To Kill A Mockingbird

    3. Let's Stay Together by Al Green

    4. Destin, Florida (my absolute favorite place to be!)

    5. Land Rover

    6. I'm like Colleen...I love to eat at good restaurants. There are so many good ones to choose from...I would have to say Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro...I absolutely adore their pot roast. Not to mention their cheesecake is wonderful :)

    7. The Gap...the only place I can find pants to fit the waist and length!

    8. Chicken Parmesean

    9. Christmas without a doubt...love decorating christmas trees, baking cookies, and spending time with family and friends